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Teresian Carmel

Teresian Carmel


Let us enter heaven, with souls awaiting your generous response, clothed in the full battle array of the Apocalyptic Woman who is to crush the head of Satan (Gen. 3.15)!



Stand ye [vocations] on the ways, and see and ask for the old paths which is the good way, and walk ye in it: and you shall find refreshment for your souls (Jeremias 6.16).

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And Elias, the Prophet, stood up, as a fire, and his word burnt like a torch.... "Take the [false] prophets... and let not any of them escape... and [kill] them." - Ecclesiasticus 47.1; III Kings 18.40  

We are the (traditional) Discalced Carmelites - a Father with the Secular Tertiaries of the "Order of Virgin" (Our Lord to St. Teresa of Jesus) - who adhere to the true “Catholic God” of our Apostolic Tradition - the God Who, though merciful, is also just Whose wrath blazes to consume the wicked, and the sinners together (cf., Isaias 1.28) - Whom generations of Catholics throughout the ages past have known, loved, served, and worshipped in the sacred Tridentine Latin Rite of the Mass - "the NORM [of the Roman Rite] in perpetuity" (Pope St. Pius V, decreeing “ex cathedra” in "Quo Primum"). We follow the pre-Vatican II religious discipline and ceremonials of the Order and use the pre-1955 'Reform' of the Missal, Office, and other Liturgical manuals according to the decree "Divino Afflatu" of Pope St. Pius X. 


We reject the "New 'Catholic disOrder'" or the 'liberal' Modernist 'Church' of Vatican II adapted by infiltrated perverts and their bastard sons (and daughters) in sheep's clothing (cf., Jude 1.4) - revolutionaries in religious and ecclesiastical trappings in possession of our churches, monasteries and convents, seminaries, schools, and other 'officially' Catholic institutions (see more - "The Year 1929") - to be in sync and at home with the Jewry-Freemasonic-Communist "New Word disOrder" : the 'Neo-Catholicism' based on the "NEW 'Catholic THEOlogy'" or the "NEW ecumenical 'Catholic [g]OD'" who does not judge and condemn the Synagogue and its tentacles: Communism and Freemasonry, the Mohammedans (or Moslems), pagans, 'Bible only' heretics, 'Orthodox' schismatics, apostates, and 'free-thinkers' who refuse to be subject, both in private and social matters,  to Christ the King through the Sovereign Roman Pontiff crowned with the tiara.


* Traditional Teresian Carmelie life - the Catholic Church's school of intimate friendship with God in the same old footsteps of the great Prophet of Carmel, Elias, and of St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Jesus, and of St. Therese under the standard of the "Immaculata."


* Apostolate of the elite "Army of Hermits" of the Apocalyptic Woman to lead the REST of Her seed (Apocalypse 12.1,17) or the few elect Catholics out of the mainstream-Catholics in sync with and at home in the "City of Satan" or this "New World disOrder" (the Neo-Sodom and Gomorrah 'Republics' under Freemasonry) : 1) teaching and publishing authentic Christian principles and moral standards according to our Apostolic Tradition ("Paradosis" in original Greek, II Thessalonians 3.6) - to snatch and shield souls, with the miraculous Scapular of Our Lady of Carmel, from slavery to the devil by his chains of dreams and hopes for material prosperity (earthly paradise of comfort, luxury and convenience) in the "New World disOrder," by the lusts of the flesh, by pride of 'liberal Modernist' spirit of today, and by deceptive errors being propagated by false prophets from without and false apostles (II Cor. 11.13) within - infiltrated filthy effeminate revolutionaries disguised as 'angels of light' (II Cor. 11.14) in the clothing of bishops and priests (see the link above: Neo-Catholic scandals and "The Year 1929") - alienating minds and hearts from God. He must know that he who causes a sinner to be converted from the error of his way, shall save his soul from death, and shall cover a multitude of sins (James 5.20);

2) Spiritual Direction and retreats; and,
3) Administration of our always effective [grace-giving] Traditional Latin Rite Sacraments - the power of generations of Catholics, esp. of our Saints - against the world, the flesh, and the devil with his legions, agents and minions - and sacramentals (blessings and exorcisms).


"I have said [enter] a monastery of strict traditional observance [NOT OF THE 'LIBERAL' MODERNIST CORRUPTION since Vatican II]; because if you want to enter another, where they live more freely, it is better for you to stay at home and attend there to the salvation of your soul as well as you can; for entering an Order where the spirit is relaxed, you expose yourself to the danger of being lost #vocation." - St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori, Bishop and Doctor of the Church ("The Great Means of Salvation and of Perfection").


"... During this time [we] are in the outside... They have the [church] premises - but [we] have the Apostolic Faith..." - St. Athanasius on the Institutional Church overturned

We charge you, brethren, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, that you withdraw yourselves from them who walk disorderly, and not according to the Tradition which they have received of us. - II Thessalonians 3.6

Oramus pro Pontifice...

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The canonical anomaly in the script of his 'resignation' - see...

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