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the Discalced Carmelites

of Traditional Observance

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The traditional Tridentine Rite of Sancta Missa in Latin - the true Roman Catholic Rite of Divine Worship - according to the "Divino Afflatu" of Pope St. Pius X and the irrevocably "ex cathedra" decree "Quo primum" of Pope St. Pius V; see more...

"... [NOT IN ROME] will.... the dogma of the Faith... be always preserved, etc..." - Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal in ending the second part and introducing the third part of Her "Great Secret" (see more )

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We with[stand] Cephas to his face... before all... when [we] saw that [he] walked not uprightly unto the truth of the Gospel (Gal. 2.11,14) - see more: "Catholic Resistance, No Disobedience"

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The Miraculous Scapular

Receive my beloved son this Habit of thy Order [the Scapular]: 

this shall be to thee and to all the Carmelites a privilege, 

that whosoever dies clothed in this shall never suffer eternal fire.

Behold a sign of peace, a safeguard in danger, 

a pledge of my eternal alliance.


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- the Immaculata to St. Simon Stock, then General of Her Order

 16th July 1251

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Join us as Her religious "Army of Hermits;" or, Her Scapular Confraternity.  

Our Catholic Resistance

Apocalyptic "Great Sign"

Our Sacred Liturgy